Mountain experience

Tip for your family trip to the Hohe Wand Nature Park

The Hohe Wand Nature Park is located at about 1000m above sea level. Compared to the lowlands, the temperature difference can be up to 10°.
Please take a jacket with you, wear sturdy shoes. A backpack with sun and rain protection, as well as water and a snack is also recommended for the short hike.
It is possible to feed the animals with food from the vending machine (Euro 1 coins).

Tip for your hike in the Hohe Wand Nature Park

Your hikes in the Vienna Alps should be an all-around beautiful and safe experience. Therefore, please note the following: When choosing a route, make sure it suits your experience and condition. Check the weather forecast in advance. The weather can change surprisingly in the mountains. Check if the huts you plan to visit on the way are open. Always take suitable maps with you. Wear sturdy shoes suitable for the tour, take sun and rain protection, as well as water and a snack. Save the emergency number of the mountain rescue 140 in your cell phone.

Barrier-free in the Hohe Wand Nature Park

As a nature park, people with special needs are close to our hearts. There are wheelchair accessible parking facilities and WC at the Nature Park Center.

The petting zoo area and the visitor center are wheelchair accessible.
The other paths are forest paths/gravelled and partly with inclines. With the active support of an accompanying person, the path to the deer enclosure or the small circular path "Schneebergblick" can be managed. 
We do not have a tactile guidance system.