Correct behavior in the nature park

Behavior in the nature park

Just as in traffic, a few rules must be followed in nature. When we move in nature, we are in the living room of hare, deer and many other wild animals.

1. please always stay on the marked trails, routes and climbs. Keep your dog on a leash.

2. parents have permanent duty of supervision and are responsible for their children.
Attention - danger of falling along the cliff edge!

3. feeding the animals in the enclosures is at your own risk, climbing over the fences and barriers is not allowed. Food can be purchased from the vending machine.

4. barbecue and open fire of any kind are forbidden in the whole nature park - danger of forest fire!

5. playing music and making noise is not allowed. 

6. confetti cannons etc. are forbidden!
Please take your garbage back home or use the garbage collection points.

7. stay outdoors during the day - the twilight and night hours are used by many wild animals to forage.

8. please observe the ban on entering hunters' feeding areas in the forest.

Enjoy the outdoors. Protect the wildlife. 
Thank you for your understanding!