Lama_Alpaka Wanderung , © Naturpark Hohe Wand

With lamas and alpacas on summer tour

An animal-relaxed time in wonderful nature?
- This summer you can have it right on your doorstep - in the Hohe Wand Nature Park.

Walking with the fluffy alpacas and the good-natured llamas through the refreshing forest of the nature park is fun and brings a sparkle to the eyes of big and small animal lovers.

The magic word deceleration comes true as the animals leisurely trot along, gently grounding their companions as well.

When: Summer vacations, every Wednesday at 10.30 a.m.
Where: Meeting point at the Nature Park Center, Kleine Kanzelstraße 241, 2724 Hohe Wand
Please make a reservation in advance: 02638 88545 or
Participants: 6 families/couples each 1 llama or alpaca
Cost: € 15.-/animal (plus entrance fee)
Duration: approx. 1.5hrs.