Frühstück beim Skywalk, © Franz Zwickl

A paradise for kids

Exercise is good for you.
It is much nicer when children experience exciting adventures while hiking. 
In the idyllic surroundings of the forest, remarkable impressions of nature await young and old.

On the "Kindererlebnisweg" colorful stones show the way to adventure, happiness and to the secret of the witch's forest ?!?
Let yourself be surprised and don't get lost ;-)

Excitement from May: Now it's off to the nature treasure hunt!
Get your free treasure map in the Nature Park Shop. There are many clues and aha-experiences along the trail, but only the right combination of numbers will open the treasure chest at the end...

Good luck with the search in the nature park! Very popular: the generation forest rest and playground next to the petting zoo and the play and fun mountain to play, romp, climb, slide and much more...