Restrictions due to construction work on Hohe Wand Mountain Road

For your safety!

From 27.10.2021 until approx. 15.12.2021 the Hohe Wand-Mountain Road L4188 is only passable in one lane with traffic lights. 

From 02.11.2021 onwards, the Hohe Wand road (L4188) will have to be completely closed during the night hours from 20:00 - 06:00 due to rock work. The total closure will probably last until 17.11.2021, 10 nights (Monday - Friday).

During the period of the nightly total closure, visitors to the Hohe Wand are requested to leave the Hohe Wand before 20:00.

The existing emergency exit via Dreistetten will be inspected prior to the construction work and rehabilitated with unbound fill material to ensure safe access to this section in the event of an emergency.

Thank you for your understanding!